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Belgravia Condo Association Awarded $5.05 Million

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The Belgravia at 1811 Chestnut has one of the most intricately detailed facades in Center City, but it turns out that its interior has quite a ways to go. Five million bucks from the developer should certainly help the cause.

Formerly known as the Peale House, the Belgravia opened in 1902 as a luxury hotel for the Rittenhouse crowd before its conversion into office space several years later. It landed on the NRHP in 1982 and today it stands tall as a decent example of a historic building repurposed as high-end condos.

The Belgravia Condominium Association was formed in 2008 after the majority of its residences were sold; a common practice that effectively transfers control from the developer to the residents. However, the lawsuit that was filed in 2010 claimed that the building's developers (1811 Belgravia Associated and PMC/Belgravia Associates), along with the engineering firm that was hired (O'Donnell & Nacaarato) were mum to mention several structural flaws, including major malfunctions with the fire alarms, unregulated elevator system temperature mechanisms, and exposed wiring.

Approximately half of the $5.05 million awarded to the Belgravia Condominium Association is expected to be put towards the proper restoration of the building's facade, despite the fact that scaffolding had covered the building's front for several months.

Consider this a victory for the residents, who appear committed to rehabbing their building with the proper care.
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