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4224 Baltimore Project Proposals Show a Lot of Glass

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The proposed 4224 Baltimore project, located right next to Clark Park, looks as though it will dramatically depart from the dominant architectural style down Baltimore avenue: the area is dominated by low density victorians and lots of green space.

Though neighbors of the project say that "It doesn't seem to pay homage to the historical character of the neighborhood", the architect has a rationale for the design. They're marketing to young professionals, see, and "It has been our observation that what young professionals are looking for is lots of glass", he said.

The proposals would have to get through talks with the Zoning Board, and neighborhood zoning committees in order to get the zoning variances it needs to begin construction. The developers say that the project needs to be so large in order to finance community-friendly amenities, like retail space and underground parking. The project includes 108 rental units, most of which would be one bedrooms, and 55 resident owned condos.

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