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For $2,250, Which of These Properties is Best?

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? At The Drake on South Broad, a two bedroom can be had within this price range. Don't expect spacious, though: all options for less than $2,300 offer less than 1000 sq ft and it looks like the kitchen is a little cramped. Still, the building itself is beautiful and historic. Rent is $2,297/month.

? Here's a 3 bedroom townhome in the Graduate Hospital. The outdoor patio looks a little small, but lovely, and the rosebush is especially exciting. Though the house is on the east side of the Schuylkill, it's close enough to the bridge that commuting to the universities would be relatively easy. Rent is $2,295/month.

? If you're looking for lots of space and original character, you might fare better driving away from Center City, and heading to Roxborough. Though this property doesn't seem to include a deck or outdoor space, it does offer ribbon-wood floors, decorative columns, and a big kitchen. Rent is $2,200/month.

? Finally, for the single set, here's a one bedroom on the river, close to Northern Liberties, that has ample space for entertaining and gorgeous river views. Without furniture, the place does look a little sad, but minimalist decor could make it interesting and stylish. The river views are great, and a balcony is included. Rent is $2,150/month.
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The Drake, a Hilton Hotel

140 East Walton Place, , IL 60611 Visit Website