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These Five South Philly Shambles Need Your Help

This first property is a little pricey for a fixer upper, but the location makes up for the extra cost (it's right off Broad street).The place doesn't look to need extensive repairs: wallpaper needs to be taken down and new paint needs to go up, but walls, lighting fixtures and appliances look intact. The seller is asking $78,000

Here's a fixer that desperately needs your attention: though the brick exterior looks pretty sturdy, the interior photos confirm that the place is a complete shell. Still, it looks fairly large, and has a lot of land next door, which a smart investor might be able to acquire from the city as a side yard for a dollar. The asking price is a mere $29,000.

Another shell, also in Point Breeze looks similarly sturdy. The exterior stucco was just redone, which saves potential buyers a little time and money. There's also a new roof. Very little else is salvageable, but you might be able to have some exposed brick in the bedrooms. This house is listed for $55,000.

Although this house is not in good condition, it's also far from a complete shell. Lots of work remains, but it looks like much of it will be cosmetic. Besides, the second floor has a bay window, and no one hates a bay window. For $24,900, this wreck could be all yours.

Here's a bit of a mystery: it's a garage with nothing attached to it. Although you could convert it into a trendy microhome, the smart money might be in adding a house. Still, you won't have to brave zoning board battles about street-fronting garage doors, and it actually looks pretty sturdy. For $65,000, you get the garage and the land.

Temple University

1801 N Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 215 204 7000