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Three South Philly Homes Collapse Due to Explosion

This morning at 11am, an explosion in a South Philly home caused it and two adjacent rowhomes to collapse. The explosion and collapse injured seven people, including two children. The explosion seems to be related to a contractor working on the home.

The three homes are located on the 400 block of Daly Street. There are permits taken out on the middle home, 426 Daly Street, for plumbing, electrical, and furnace work.

PGW confirmed to ABC Philly that there is a gas leak in the area, but they're not sure if the gas leak caused the explosion or if it was a result of the explosion.

Residents in the area are being evacuated. An evacuation center has been set up at Taggart Elementary School, located at 4th and Porter Streets.
· Live Footage [ABC Philly]