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Turns Out, Some People Actually Like Wynn Philadelphia

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Last night the Old Richmond Civic Association voted in favor of Wynn Philadelphia. Though the vote is mostly a gesture and has no direct impact on the Gaming Board's choice for the last Philly casino license, the Wynn camp is predictably thrilled.

A press release issued by the Wynn camp reads:
The Wynn Philadelphia project team was gratified last night by the outpouring of support in the Port Richmond community. More than 200 residents attended a standing room only meeting of the Olde Richmond Civic Association which resulted in an overwhelming vote of support to the Wynn Philadelphia resort application.
The elation may even be justified. Earlier this year, the Fishtown Neighbor's Association also held a vote and approved of the plans for Wynn Philly. Though other casino applicants have resorted to essentially buying support, it appears that the community enthusiasm for Wynn Philadelphia is genuine. Why? Philadelinquency points out that Old Richmond doesn't have a whole lot of green space to its name. A riverfront park which is both open to the public and not a boardwalk is a strong draw for neighbors of the proposal.

The casino race is far from over: the gaming board makes its decision in late fall, leaving plenty of time for shenanigans from all six casino teams. However, this "outpouring of community support" as the Wynn PR team would have it, might push Wynn into the winner's circle.
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