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Who's Up For A Warehouse Conversion These Days?

Craigslist isn't usually where you find your large scale commercial spaces on offer, but here's an optimistic broker or property owner trying to fill what is, realistically, an unconverted warehouse space.

Though the space does benefit from the cachet of its actual neighbors (the Union Transfer is right down the street, as are Sazon and Llama Tooth), whoever wrote this ad is either delusional, pathologically optimistic, or is privy to some secret information. They're assuming that both the Spring Garden Greenway and the Reading Viaduct are definite, done deals, and using both of them as draws for potential investors.

Regardless, if you're looking for an "open space with hardwood floors", this might just be the space for you. Hey, even this person, who is looking for "castel orlarge king estate or priate old farm" might find it useful.
· Beautiful Large Open Space w/ Natural Light [craigslist]