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Squatters in PHA Property Raising Money to Buy at Auction

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Recently, the Philadelphia Housing Authority announced an auction to sell off some of its unused holdings. As it turns out, at least one of its holdings is not unused, but rather, is occupied by a group of squatters.

The group's Indiegogo campaign notes that they're been model neighbors, made repairs on their property and the vacant properties surrounding it, and that the other residents on the block have even signed petitions to request that the squatters become owners of the property.

They're expecting that the house will sell for around $12,000 at auction, based on past sales of similar houses, so they're looking to raise a similar amount to use to bid. Though entering the auction obviously can't guarantee that the current residents of this home will win it, they're also investigating their legal options. Title by Adverse Possession, more commonly known as squatter's rights, stipulates that the property must be occupied for at least 21 years to gain ownership of the property.

In any case, the squatters plan to picket the auction, which would, of course, make the whole affair far more interesting than expected.
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