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Wash West Row Straight Out of Northern Liberties Asks $519K

Though it's not in Northern Liberties, this end of row townhome manages to strike all the right notes: exposed brick and beams, warm, wood framed windows, and carefully curated boho chic decor combine for that rustic-urban faux gritty feeling perfected to the North of Old City. But you can tell this place isn't in NoLibs because of one missed opportunity.

Yes, the garage, which appears to occupy much of this home's 1,728 sq ft is left unconverted and unpartitioned with lace curtains, even though it has the highest ceilings in the house, and a perfectly good "loft bedroom" included (okay, right now it's a beam, but it could be a loft.) Were this townhome actually located in NoLibs, the garage would be a combined micro-living space and reclaimed bicycle stable. These two functions would be separated by gauzy curtains (preferably lace) and a few convincing reproductions of street signs (battered and dented just so by the artisianal street sign factory) would hang from chains suspended from the exposed beams.

You would think that people who thought to decorate wooden spoons with faces and put them in a mason jar on the kitchen table would have figured this out by now. Then again, car parking is significantly rarer and more expensive in Wash West than it is in NoLibs.

House Vitals:
Size: 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 1,728 sq ft
Amenities include: A small deck, a gigantic garage with high ceilings, exposed brick and beams
Asking price: $519,000
· 1306 Waverly Street [Trulia]