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Convention Center Shut Down Over 'Customer Courtesy'

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In the midst of heated labor-policy negotiations, the Carpenter's Union has gone on strike at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Teamsters Union, which effectively controls delivery to the Center has decided to honor the strike, shutting the Center down. The strike comes just a week before a huge convention slated to bring roughly 10,000 visitors to the city, who would spend an estimated $23 million.

The strike is reportedly not an attempt to garner higher wages, but rather in response to a disagreement about "exhibitor's rights". This is the part of the contract that dictates, among other things, what kinds of work exhibitors and conventioneers can do for themselves, and standards about "customer courtesy".

Though the chairman of the board of the Convention Center said that the strike was a "complete surprise," at least one board member had an inkling that the strike would happen today. Ed Coryell Sr., who is a member of the board of the Convention Center, is also the president of the Carpenter's Union: he called the strike.

Troubles with the Convention Center are well-documented, and many conventioneers say that labor troubles and costs have driven them away from staging conventions in Philly.
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