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Philly Loses Another Nightlife Staple as Sisters Shuts its Doors

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Less than a month after Shampoo shuttered for good, Sisters Nightclub announced that their doors would open no more. The bar was the only lesbian establishment left on the Gayborhood scene. Though it was owned by men, the bar was the last of the line of Philly's lesbian bars.The closure was announced yesterday morning on the general manager's facebook page. Sisters was opened in 1996 and served as a community hub for seventeen years.

Though other bars in the Gayborhood have long had "ladies nights" and have recently become more of a mixed scene, the end of Sisters means that the Gayborhood is made up of venues primarily for gay men.

This article at suggests that Sisters' closure is a sign that lesbians are more welcome in straight and gay male bars alike than they were when the club opened in 1996. While that may be true, the club's closure may also be a discouraging economic sign.
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