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Quelle Suprise: NIMBY Opposition to One Riverside Place

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Dranoff's proposal for One Riverside Place, a 21 story rental building on the banks of the Schuylkill River has elicited the expected response from its would-be neighbors: they don't want their views blocked, there's not enough parking, and they don't want it to go forward. However, Dranoff doesn't need community support to build the tower: the current proposal is By-
Right, which means that the tower is compliant with the base zoning code.

Though the Civic Design Review process has no impact upon whether Dranoff can build his tower, there was strong attendance at last night's meeting of the Center City Residents Association. Neighbors can (and did) voice their disapproval at the Center City Residents Association. Many were concerned about parking and the obstruction of their sunset view.

However, neighbors also came up with suggestions to get around or change the zoning code, in order to halt progress on the tower. Some of their suggestions to defeat the tower included:
· Rezoning the property as a recreational area and incorporating it into Schuylkill park
· Having the city trade for the Schuylkill banks property with another property that it owns somewhere else in the city

One Riverside Place may seem like a done deal, but Fitler Square is one of the ritziest and most moneyed neighborhoods in the city: don't expect them to give up without a fight.
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