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Temple's New Building Creates Campus for Commuter School

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A new dormitory on Temple's campus will open on Monday when the university opens up for a new school year. It's designed to enhance the residential student experience and perhaps entice non-commuter students to come to Temple to stay. The architecture of the 27 story tower (designed by MGA partners) is a marked departure from the basic brick buildings that populate the majority of the area, and it might just help Temple create more of a campus feel.

The residence hall itself is very luxe: flat screen televisions are included in every unit, and the building includes shared fireplace lounges.

The Morgan Hall complex isn't just for its residents, though. The complex includes a raised plaza, which offers outdoor seating, and creates an on-campus ambiance. Though the courtyard, walkway, and retail space included in the complex are open to the public, they do have a very for students feel.

Of course, the creation of a campus space may help ease tensions between Temple University and surrounding neighborhoods. If Temple's campus can become an inviting, appealing place for students to stay, it might keep them out of surrounding neighborhoods.
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