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Walnut Hill Victorian 'Not For The Faint Of Heart' Asks $429K

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The exterior of this gorgeous Walnut Hill victorian, combined with its location right across the street from the Penn Alexander School probably justify the pricing for this property. However, even broker babble agrees that it's "not for the faint of heart."
Though this home has all the ingredients of a gracious old West Philly victorian (hardwood floors, a front porch, fireplaces, and a yard with tall, old trees,) it also has all the ingredients of a headache. There are many places where the paint is peeled, and the ceiling buckles. Broker babble says that multiple kitchens need replacement. There are vines crawling up the back wall of the house. On top of all that, the first floor is laid out as a medical office, meaning that the new owner would need to re-convert it to a residential space, or find another commercial tenant.

$429K might be a reasonable price for such a large home in such a sought-after neighborhood, but this property does come with months worth of renovations and work.
House Vitals:
Size: Three stores, more rooms than the listing agent can count, three different units,
Amenities include: A charming backyard, a fire escape, a roof that looks like it's already a de-facto deck, fireplaces, a front porch, and lots of eccentricities both good and bad.
Asking Price: $429,000