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Take a Look Inside the New Radisson Plaza Warwick Blu

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The Radisson Plaza Warwick, which opened near Rittenhouse Square in 1926, has been a Philadelphia landmark for almost a century, and it's about to get an upgraded new look this fall. The hotel will be incorporated into the Blu line of Radisson hotels, marking it as a luxury 4.5 star property (a significant change from the hotel's life as a three star Radisson Plaza hotel.)

Though the iconic lobby will be replaced for a sleeker, more contemporary vibe, the Warwick is in touch with an auctioneer to try to ensure that the chandelier and other historic interior elements will go to good homes.

The hotel's rooms have already been redone. In keeping with the Blu chain's emphasis on site-specific hotels, the decor of the rooms incorporates Philly flair. Though you can see some images from a redone room in the gallery below, no two rooms are the same, so you'll have to check the hotel out yourself to get a full picture.

[All photos by Monica Cubillos]