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OCF Realty Attempts to Block View With Moon Bounces

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According to a source with Point Breeze Organizing Committee, Ori Feibush, the owner and founder of OCF Realty and the OCF Coffee Houses that dot the city tried to plan a block party between the cafe and the end point of a march scheduled for this Saturday to protest what they see as OCF's "undemocratic development model".

As PBOC announced earlier, their march on Saturday will culminate in a rally at the intersection of 20th St. and Point Breeze Avenue. According to an email exchange between PBOC activist Gary Broderick and the Managing Director's Office and neighbors on the 2000 block of Federal, Mr. Feibush requested a permit to have a block party simultaneous to the march on the 2000 block of Federal Street, which is directly across from the rally site. Mr. Broderick also said that, in conversations with police department officials, Mr. Feibush noted that he wanted to include moon bounces (children's inflatable play houses) as buffers between OCF Coffee House and the rally.

Though Mr. Feibush did not succeed in setting up a block party as a buffer, he did have some other ideas to take the spotlight off of PBOC's protest. According to an email blast send out by PBOC, he also attempted to deliver a large donation to the Police Department on the same day as the protest, complete with oversized check. The email blast noted that in conversation with police officers at the 17th precinct, he said that:
he wanted to make a new donation to the Police Department with pomp and circumstance and a big blowup check on the same day as our March, essentially using this 'charity' charade as a Public Relations ploy. UPDATED: Some wording has been changed to make clear that this information comes from a source with Point Breeze Organizing Committee. OCF Realty was not contacted in preparing this post.
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