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City Planning Commission Says Yes to a New Whole Foods

Image from Plan Philly

The proposal for a new Whole Foods in a complex at 22nd and Spring Garden that would also house 293 apartments and almost 500 parking spots recieved approval from the City Planning Commission, moving it one step closer to approval from the Zoning Board. The move would mean the end for a Best Western hotel that is currently located at the site.

Though the City Planning Commission was broadly supportive of the proposal, they did have a few recommended tweaks for the design: they want more lighting for passersby, and they'd like grocery store entrances along Pennsylvania Ave. The store will also be near an existing traffic snag at 21st and Hamilton that might need some resolution.

Don't get too excited about shopping at the new and improved Whole Foods, though: the architect reminded the planning commission that a finished design for the store is about two years down the road, so decisions about lighting and entrances won't be made until then.

· Planning Commission recommends zoning approvals for new Whole Foods [Plan Philly]

22nd and Spring Garden, Philadelphia PA