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Condo On Race Street Asks $749K, Says it's in NoLibs

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Surely, there's some overlap between Old City and Northern Liberties, but can a condo at 4th and Vine really advertise itself as being in Northern Liberties? Whatever your answer, this listing would seem to suggest that Northern Liberties is more in-demand than Old City.

Though this condo is located far from the hipper-than-thou heart of Northern Liberties, it does have some design features that would place it in the aforementioned neighborhood's aesthetic tradition. The floor-to-ceiling windows and interesting (or bizarre, depending upon your standpoint) room shapes and angles in this condo do seem appropriate for a dwelling located a little further north.

House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,898 sq ft
Amenities Include: A balcony, a sort of cool and sort of strange puzzle-like window shade design, a huge bathroom, and newish stainless steel kitchen appliances.
Asking price: $749,000
· 317 Vine Street 201 [Trulia]