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Buy This B&B to Be in Germantown for $425K

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Brokerbabble touts this listing as "historic," and it was indeed added to the Philadelphia Register of Historic places in 1966. The listing has also helpfully created a brochure to help you sell rooms in your B&B to be. All you need to bring are the musty lace curtains! And the cats.

Though some of the interiors are a little dated, it's freshly painted, and the kitchen has clearly been redone in the past few years. The courtyard is the real selling point of this place: the courtyard could easily serve as a place to host events.

Of course, the separate in-law suite is also nice: though this property isn't zoned as a multi-family dwelling, the in-law suite could easily be rented as an apartment: it has a separate entrance and its own kitchen.

House Vitals:
Size: 7 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 4,155 sq ft
Amenities Include: Ionian columns, Palladian windows, countless other architectural quirks, a "water feature" in the courtyard, and an already prepared brochure.
Asking price: $425,000
· 5418 Greene Street [trulia]