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Coming Soon to Francisville: the Eco-Friendly Folsom Powerhouse

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Postgreen Homes, best known for the $100k house, is pairing up with Equinox Management & Construction LLC to bring a new mixed-use development to the 1700 block of Folsom Street in Francisville, which is currently occupied by vacant lots and four city-owned houses.

The new building will feature 31 mixed-use units occupying the majority of Folsom Street between 17th & 18th Streets and will unite residents of varying income levels who all share the common interest of ecological urbanism. Postgreen is notorious for its environmentally sustainable LEED-friendly construction, and Folsom Powerhouse seems to be no exception.

From the press release:

The developers are committed to energy efficient design, with solar power, green roof technology and advanced storm water management practices. Folsom's design offers a community driven living style, high-quality modern architecture, and a warm, welcoming streetscape. "Our proposal adapted Folsom's fabric and the City's best practices in urban planning," explained Chad Ludeman, President of Postgreen Homes. "The Powerhouse name is indicative of our commitment to extreme energy efficiency, giving residents the power to live with community and environmental consciousness in mind."

Equinox Management & Construction LLC beat out five other applicants and was awarded the land for $515,000 by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority back in January. Equinox is best known for its success with The Modules at Templetown.

No word on unit prices, specs, or potential commercial tenants yet, but groundbreaking is expected to take place this fall. Until then, keep an eye on the project's website for developments and (hopefully!) more renderings.