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PHL Local Gaming Says They Can Throw Up a Slot Box Fastest

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PHL Local Gaming, the group of developers behind the proposal for Casino Revolution, reason that because their project would be the quickest to construct, they should be awarded the second casino license. New renderings show an updated plan for the casino: though it's not as imaginative as some of the other proposals, it sure does look feasible.

Joseph Proacci, who is part of the PHL Local Gaming team, does have the advantage of owning an already extant structure where he wants to put a casino. The warehouse, now a produce packing facility, would be turned into a casino within nine months of receiving city permits, the PHL Local Gaming team says.

The initial opening of the casino and entrance (the team feels that the entrance is important and would be a sort of brand for the casino,) would be followed by a hotel tower behind it. PHL Local Gaming also emphasized that because their casino would be a mile away from neighborhoods where people live, it's the best choice.

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