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South Philly Gold Faux-Leopard Wonderland Asks $145K

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Rarely does a house adhere so perfectly to its interior designer's aesthetic: whoever put this together has coordinated every detail and color to enhance the final vision. And in this case, as the Passyunk Post pointed out first, it appears that the vision is shared with Liberace.

The individual design elements are those often associated with excess: animal prints, gold, mirrors, and, you know, angels. However, in this house, each of these things has been put in a precisely calculated position: even the leopard stuffed animal, placed atop a leopard print bedspread, has a job to do. Somehow, even the combination of wood panelling and animal print makes a certain kind of sense here.

The kitchen is a world unto itself: the black and white motif that even includes the fridge handle (adorned with a checkerboard decal of some kind) is punctuated by controlled pops of red. What's disappointing is that the excess is kept inside: the yard and the front of the house are in boring good taste.

Though there are other South Philly houses that strive for the same levels of curated excess, this house is truly the example set for the rest.

House Vitals:
Size: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1,000 sq ft.
Amenities include: Dramatic chandeliers, a kitchen fit for Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts, a decent sized concrete yard, and a semi-finished basement.
Asking price: $145,000
· 2521 S. Hicks Street [Trulia]