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Developers Who Originally Upstaged William Penn to Do It Again?

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Rumor has it that an expansion to the Comcast HQ is in the works: though Liberty Property Trust has responded with cool "no comments" to questions about the fate of 1800 Arch Street, the architect they've picked is now public knowledge: the Pritzker Prize winning London architects Foster + Partners.

Right after Comcast purchased NBC, Liberty Property Trust purchased the lot at 1800 Arch. Though the Comcast tower is responsible for breaking the curse of Billy Penn, the very same curse was brought upon the city by Liberty Property Trust when they built One Liberty Place taller than the tip of William Penn's hat (491 feet to be exact).

When the Comcast Center was finished in 2008, workers added a small figurine of Philly's founder to the top of the tower, restoring his tri-corner hat to its original prominence. Will the rumored partnership between LPT and Comcast once again upstage William Penn?
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