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Park Your Hog in the Living Room: Garage Loft Asks $1.5M

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Just north of Northern Liberties is the perfect place for this super trendy garage loft. As you can see, the living room offers ample space for your hog, your sports car, or maybe even your boat. Though perhaps not everyone wants to sleep looking down on their mode(s) of transportation, this is a perfect place for automobile aficionados.

Though the house only has one "bedroom" (and a loft bedroom at that,) the living/parking area is huge. Oddly enough, this is the second garage-loft seen on the market in recent times, and the other one is located directly across the street. Of course, this one, which is much larger and less "shabby-chic", costs about a million more dollars. Perhaps the outdoor space makes up for it, (you could host a whole music festival out there,) but it does seem that perhaps this place is a little over priced.

Either way, the proximity of these two properties is interesting. Maybe the just-above-Girard South Kensington area will become a garage-home outpost? There are certainly quite a few out-of-service auto shops ripe for trendy conversion.

House Vitals:
Size: Huge converted garage space, square footage unknown. Space for a few vehicles, we'll say.
Amenities: A huge courtyard outside, an automated garage door on the inside, loft style living, enough space for an artist's studio or an artisianal automechanic to set up shop, exposed brick and beams.
Asking price: $1,500,000