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SEPTA Needs Dollars, or You'll Need a Car

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In response to a lack of additional funding from the PA state legislature, SEPTA has released a doomsday budget outlining how the beleaguered transit system would cope in the absence of more funding. The plan would severely cut service, and would cause SEPTA to lose about 12% of its ridership (which reached an all-time high this year.)

The euphemistically named "Service Realignment Plan" would have serious impacts on transportation within Philly: it would convert trolley routes 10 and 15 into bus lines next year, and would do the same for remaining trolley routes in 2018. The new service plan would also close the Broad-Ridge spur, and would halt express service on the Broad Street Line.

However, much of the funding that SEPTA seeks is needed to maintain infrastructure on the Regional Rail Lines. If SEPTA doesn't get the money it needs, their plan
calls for suspending service on the lightly traveled Cynwyd rail line next year, the heavily traveled Media-Elwyn line in 2015, the Chestnut Hill West line in 2018, and the West Trenton, Airport, Warminster, Marcus Hook-Wilmington, Fox Chase, and Chestnut Hill East lines in 2023.
· Short of funding, SEPTA unveils doomsday plan[]