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Absurdly Large Victorian Castle in West Mt. Airy Asks $1.375M

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In Philadelphia, palatial manor estates fetch prices far below what they'd fetch elsewhere. Sure, the asking price of this place is nothing to scoff at, but the house contains almost ten thousand square feet. There's also a pool, several operational fireplaces, and, as broker babble mentions, nine gables.

Though most people don't need a zillion square feet of space (or the four chimneys included in the property), the appeal is obvious: the kitchen with huge windows, the grand staircase, and the chandelier seem to come directly from the world of a Jane Austen novel.

The listing notes that the property even has a name (and an interesting history too):

"SARACINESCA" was built in 1892 by Henry Howard Houston, the Pennsylvania Railroad director and a key figure in the development of Chestnut Hill. Honored then and now for creative architecture by Hazelhurst and Huckel
House Vitals:
Size: 25 rooms, 8 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 9,824 sq ft.
Amenities include: 2 kitchens, a wine cellar, an elevator, nine gables, three porches, a pool, ribbonwood floors, countless fireplaces, a large sun room, and a two car garage.
Asking Price: $1,375,000
· 701 West Allens Lane [Trulia]