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City Council's New & Different Plan for Selling Vacant Schools

Though Mayor Nutter recently announced a plan for selling off vacant school buildings, City Council came out with its own plan, one which would give the school district $50 million immediately. The plan would also involve community stakeholders in selling the buildings, but in a less structured way than Mayor Nutter's plan.

City Council would authorize the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development to cut the school district a check for $50 million, following the transfer of the properties to PAID. PAID would then begin selling the properties, and would keep profits up to $50 million. After reaching $50 million, PAID would turn over all additional profits to the school district. The school district would also be able to request that PAID return unsold school buildings after the $50 million mark.

City Council says that eight schools are currently the subjects of "active expressions of interest," and that their combined assessed value is $108 million.
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