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PHL Local Gaming's LoSo Complex: Planned by Third Graders?

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[Images courtesy of PHL Local Gaming LLC]

This afternoon, PHL Local Gaming LLC announced that if awarded the second (and last) available casino license for Philadelphia, they would also build an enormous entertainment complex adjacent to their gaming enterprise, Casino Revolution. The entertainment complex would include a dry ski resort, a year-round waterpark, a paintball range, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a zipline park, a rock-climbing park, an ice rink, a roller rink, a racquet sports complex, a go-kart racetrack, among other assorted sports facilities.

PHL Local Gaming says that they'd start construction on their South Philly Fun Wonderland (okay, they're actually calling it the "LoSo Complex" because it's located in Lower South Philly, and because of the kids these days and their abbreviations) nine months after receiving the casino license (which is also the projected opening date of Casino Revolution.) A spokesperson says that LoSo would be a "transformative catalyst" for the neighborhood, and that it would generate $3.7 million in tax revenue for the city.

As you can see from the images above, this megacomplex would take up tons of space in what's currently zoned as a food distribution district in South Philly. In order to clear space for all the roller rinks and ziplines and whatnot, some currently operating food distribution warehouses would have to close or move elsewhere. Fear not for lost jobs, though: a PHL Local Gaming spokesperson said that the mega complex would cause "no loss of any existing jobs..." because "We would work with the city to have those jobs moved, those businesses transferred, within the South Philadelphia community."

Make sure you ask your elementary school aged children if they've done any casino development consulting lately. The only thing this place is missing is an ice cream saloon and a stable full of genetically altered pink ponies.
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