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Wynn Philly Could be Better, Riverfront Advocates Say

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The Central Delaware Advocacy Group, an organization dedicated to advocacy for the Central Delaware Master plan wrote a letter to the state gaming board about the prospect of a Wynn casino on the Delaware riverfront. The takeway? They don't love it, but they don't hate it either.

The letter offers a few suggestions for improving Wynn Philadelphia's fit with the Central Delware Master Plan. CDAG would like to see:
· A shorter tower (not to exceed 225 feet high)
· More riverfront access for pedestrians
· A smaller or less noticeable parking garage
· The green roof of the garage used as an observation deck.
Though the tone of the letter is carefully neutral about the actual issue of gambling, it appears that CDAG still isn't convinced of the beauty of Wynn's "signature tower." They say that it's "generic" and "risks appearing anachronistic on site." Perhaps they'd change their minds if they understood the special properties of the glass.
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