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Three Surprisingly Spacious Studios Under 400 Square Feet

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Spaciousness is often the key to creating a pleasant home, but spaciousness doesn't always require lots of space. Here are three tiny apartments that show that thoughtful layouts can maximize square footage and minimize claustrophobia.

? 2026 Christian Street #C
Square Footage: 410
Asking Price: $160,000
This apartment creates space by opening up the top half of one of the walls, separating the kitchen from the rest of the living area, and, of course, by having a huge deck. The clear glass shelves in the bathroom also create the illusion of extra open space.

? 2020 Christian Street #A
Square Footage: 400
Asking Price: $129,000
Smart decor choices create distinct areas, to give the apartment a feeling of completeness. Even though the bed is about two feet away from the couch, the wall decor and area rug make it feel like a living room. The bright paint color in the bathroom also adds space and variety.

? 1506 Mt. Vernon Street #2F
Square Footage: 379
Asking Price: $150,000
The smallest apartment on this list actually appears to be the most roomy, thanks to the space-saving loft bed. The height of the ceilings doesn't hurt either. Most impressive, perhaps, is the kitchen, which includes both a full-sized fridge and a standard stove and oven.