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Now That's How You Plan a Parking Lot

[Renderings by Atlantes Architects]

A proposed development of eight townhomes, three single family duplexes, and one single-family apartment has mastered the always difficult challenge of Philly development: parking. This development is close to I-95, and is therefore bound to draw car owners. The developers have managed to provide adequate parking (more than one spot per unit) without creating an eyesore. How?

As you can see, parking is located in the interior courtyard of the complex: it's not an eyesore, though. It's surrounded by shared green space, and seems like a sensible way to keep those who don't live in the development from parking in its parking lot.

f you follow zoning news, you know that parking is often the subject of heated debate: either there's not enough, or there's too much. It's either obtrusive, or it doesn't have a nice enough green roof. It'll take up too much space, or it won't offer enough parking to keep street parking available. This development, however, will avoid interfering with street parking, keep the pavement pool off the street, and allow for private parking.
· Project Application Form for 1027 Marlborough Street [Civic Design Review]