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Would the Market8 Casino Design Include Video Billboards?

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If you've been following the casino news, you probably remember this rendering for Market8, which helped the hypothetical casino beat out six others for highest marks from the Philadelphia Design Advocacy Group. Now, however, the Market8 team seems to have changed plans up, with a new rendering that reveals a taller tower, and the potential for video elements.

Plans still include keeping the first floor free of gambling and populating the retail spaces with restaurants and shops. The Market8 team claims they're looking to put in al fresco dining to connect the complex with the surrounding neighborhood (how very literal of them.) They also mention, in their press release, their already announced plan to make comp dollars usable for restaurants and shops outside the casino.

Though the lead developer for Market8 talked about his concern for making the building fit with the surrounding architecture while pushing forward a new energy for the Market East area, the plan is significantly different from the first rendering. Will it recieve the same high praise from the design advocacy group? The original facade was replaced with glass, which will show an "interior video feature" to the street. There's also talk of exterior video features (such as those in Time Square) in the Plan Philly interview.

Is Philly ready for video advertising right at 8th and Market? As the casino race progresses, more fireworks are sure to come. With Market8 offering video billboards reminiscent of Time Square and PHL Local Gaming offering a mega-sports-resort in South Philly, it will be interesting to see what the other applicants come up with.

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