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Abandoned Bank Building 'Good For Any Retail Use'

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Here's a grand old bank building just begging for adaptive reuse: it's freestanding, has high-ceilings, and the facade has maintained some early 1900's charm. The problem? It's decrepit and it's in the middle of Glenwood.

This building was a branch of the Western Saving Fund Society, which was acquired by the Pennsylvania Savings Fund Society. Obviously, it's been a while since this branch has done any banking, but the Google Earth image shows an old "Food Exchange" sign tacked over the bank's engraving.

Yes, thirty foot ceilings are surely alluring, but this bank is far from "up-and-coming" neighborhoods which might be able to support a bike-garage/microbrewery/reclaimed furniture workshop or what-have-you. Those sorts of places do exist in Philly, but they're further south.

Smart money is on this place sitting empty for quite some time. Then again, the buyer is apparently considering all offers.
· 3549 Germantown Ave [Trulia]

Bank Building

N Front St & W Norris St, Philadelphia , PA 19122