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At Least One Vacant School Has Buyers Waiting

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University City High School, at 36th and Filbert, is one of the 23 schools closed last May. It's also one of the very few vacant schools poised to make the School District a lot of money; the Office of Property Assessment valued it at $23 million, and reportedly, Drexel is interested.

Though there's no concrete plan as of yet, Drexel would most likely tear down the school building to make way for an expansion of Powel Elementary, and the possible addition of a middle school.

However, the school can't be sold until city government decides who should sell it. As Philadelphia School Partnership director Mark Gleason said, "It's silly that we're debating who should sell the building when there's a buyer standing ready."
· Drexel, others anxious for University City High to be made available [Plan Philly]