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Live in William Penn's Physician's House for $695K

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If you wanted to live in William Penn's house but recognize that it's unlikely that you'll ever manage that, you might be interested in this consolation prize. This sprawling manor was the residence of William Penn's physician, and for less than $700k, it could be yours.

The photography here seems to convey a certain ghostly quality, which might not be inappropriate: the house has been around for a few hundred years, so there might be ghosts. Whether or not ghosts are about, there is tons of space (nearly 6,000 sq ft.)

It's clear that this place is for history buffs and those seeking stately elegance over sleek, modern living. The house looks a little dark and musty. It's clearly been preserved with painstaking detail, but most people don't want to live in a house built to accomodate the daily needs of a 18th century physician.
House Vitals:
Size: 5,960 sq ft, six bedrooms, 3.5 baths, three stories.
Amenities include: A spacious yard, detached garage, several functional fireplaces, a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, and the knowledge that someone who knew William Penn lived in the house, once.
Asking price: $695,000
· 5125 Woodbine Avenue [Trulia]