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Philadelphia: Stay Longer, Get Crankier

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According to a report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphians feel like the city is in decline. What's moret interesting is that while a majority of newcomers have positive feelings about Philly, longtime residents (those who have been in Philly for 30 years or more) mostly feel negatively about Philly's future.

Granted, the recent closure of 23 schools, budget cuts, SEPTA's impending doomsday don't paint a rosy picture, but other recent developments are a little more hopeful: last year Philly experienced a small population increase, the city is cracking down on tax delinquency, the ten year tax abatement seems to have spurred quite a bit of development, and city government is taking quality of life improvements to the city seriously.

However, the state of the economy seems to be on voters' minds. Pew also asked Philadelphians how they felt about Mayor Nutter, and most respondents, both long and short term residents, had an unfavorable view of the Mayor's job performance. A 52% disapproval for the mayor is a strong indicator that Philadelphians aren't feeling the love.
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