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Should Casinos Avoid Neighborhoods, or 'Spur Urban Renewal'?

The project manager working on Wynn Philadelphia, Dan Keating (who also manged the Sugar House) said that Wynn would be the most successful of the Philadelphia casino applicants because Wynn casinos have a successful track record, and because of the Wynn site's location right next to the highway, and right next to the Delaware River.

Keating's comments also defined the two schools of thought among the casino applicants: he noted that, while the Market 8 and Provence casinos are looking to create jobs and development in their neighborhoods, Keating said that they shouldn't "no one should "plan on a casino to bring about urban renewal," because that's not what casinos do.

It's true that most of the other applicants have emphasized their commitment to leaving neighbors alone. The three South Philly applicants, Casino Revolution, Hollywood Casino, and Live! Casino have all emphasized their distance from the city proper. Wynn Philly plans to build an improved ramp off of I-95 to get gamers to and from the casino without ever having them drive through Philly.

The Provence and Market 8, on the other hand, are looking to capitalize upon surrounding attractions, and say that they'll bring in big tourism dollars for local shops and restaurants. Though it seems that many believe that casinos can't have positive impacts upon their neighbors, the Provence and Market 8 are pushing for a new model, while the other applicants tout their distance from neighborhoods and the businesses in them.
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