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South Philly Decor: Over-the-Top and Under-the-Sea

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This is the over-decorated South Philly townhome to rule them all: even in a neighborhood renowned for tassels, lace, and creepy dolls, this place truly takes the cake. How? Handcrafted octopus chandeliers, deeply unsettling taxidermy mounted everywhere (including right on a headboard), and lots of bright color.

The owner of this place served in the Navy as a carpenter, before finding his true calling in life: the construction of chandeliers shaped like octopi. But his skills extend far beyond the sea: all of the crown moldings in the house are handmade, and the decor draws inspiration from Victoriana and...dead things. There are a lot of dead things. Still, there's something to be said for a unique aesthetic, and it clearly takes a lot of hard work to actualize this fever-dream of a home.
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