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Yet Another Building Collapsed on Sunday, Injuring Four

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A garage building in North Philly collapsed yesterday after a car with three passengers collided with one of its exterior walls. Though this collapse wasn't the result of shoddy demolition work or structural unsoundness, the city of Philadelphia is still a little sensitive about unscheduled demolitions these days.

The garage, which neighbors said was vacant for years, collapsed as it was hit by an SUV. Three passengers inside the car, and a young woman who was not in the car were trapped beneath the debris. All four sustained injuries and were transported to a hospital.

Though this collapse wasn't the direct result of a lack of vigilance, it's clear that it was a blighted, vacant building for years. It's possible that its vacancy and ill repair didn't contribute to the collapse, but it's another incident on a long list of building collapses in Philadelphia.
· 4 Injured After Car Crashes Into Building In North Philly [CBS Philly]