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Still Dying to Get in? Second Funeral Home Package Asks $350K

It's starting to look like funeral home/proprietor home package deals are becoming a trend. It does make sense that a house located directly adjacent to a funeral home would be a hard sell for non-mortician homebuyers, but one wonders whether funeral directors really want to live so close to the business.

The funeral home portion of the property pretty much looks like a funeral home, and there's some negotiability around sale or inclusion of equipment. It does make sense that a funeral director would need to be on call around the clock, but in this modern age, does that really mean living right next door to the business? According to this other listing, it still does.
House Vitals:
Size: A two-building package deal: includes a funeral parlor and a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house.
Amenities: A striking red carpet, the opportunity to work from home, front porch, and a front yard.
Asking Price: A combined $350,000 for the business and the home.

· 5408 N 5th Street [Trulia]
· 5410 N 5th Street [Trulia]