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Will Domani Get to Build a Gym? Not If Motorist Neighbors Have Anything to Say About It!

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Domani Developers is hoping to convert an industrial building located on eight lots into a mixed use residential building with a gym attached. Though the reason that it needs to go through zoning review is that the parcel to be developed is located on eight different lots, and some of them are zoned differently, so it's unclear what zoning actually applies to the project.

Yes, neighbors that live close to the proposed project are concerned that their precious parking spaces will be taken by gym-goers and new residents. While parking is a serious concern in Fishtown (it's hard to find parking spots on the often narrow streets), it seems unlikely that the gym will bring in an overwhelming number of cars, as City Fitness points out that their other locations mostly attract members from the area, who walk to their gyms.

On the other hand, neighbors might be justified in their concerns about residential parking. The project would include 30 spots for residents, but those spots would be shared with the parking sports for the gym. The developers, however, seem very optimistic abotu the eco-consciousness of their hypothetical tenants: their plans include 57 bike parking spots, one for each residential unit.

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