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Should 22nd & Market Become a Memorial?

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Today, the mother of Anny Bryan, a 24 year old woman who was killed in June's collapse at 22nd and Market, has started an online petition asking the mayor to create a memorial at the site. Ann Bryan's mother, Nancy Winkler, happens to be the city treasurer.

Nancy Winkler's petition states that a memorial
would honor and remember the six dead and provide an oasis in the center of a dense business district. The memorial park would be a fitting way to acknowledge the disaster, to assure that it will never be forgotten and to remind the citizens of Philadelphia of the need for government oversight in building demolitions in order to protect public safety and human lives. A well designed park and memorial may provide healing for the many people touched by this horrific, entirely avoidable event. In the wake of the collapse at 22nd and Market, several other construction accidents and collapses followed. Is it time for a permanent, physical reminder of the importance of oversight and demolition safety?
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