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Only in Philly: Ten Decked Out Basement Bars

One of the finest quirks of the Philadelphia real estate market is the surfeit of homes with fully-loaded wet bars in the basement. These homes may be far from trendy neighborhoods and fancy bars, but no matter: the bar is just downstairs, and the paintings of poker playing dogs are served without irony. Here are ten homes with totally decked out basement bars for your consideration.

? This unassuming brick row home is located way down in South Philly, but behind its blase interior lies a kitschy pub paradise.

? This bar is equipped with less kitschy fun than some other in-home drinking establishments, this bar is well laid-out for storing and displaying an extensive liquor collection.

? Here's a basement you'll never really need to leave: Ms. Pac Man provides the entertainment, and there's a powder room thoughtfully appointed with sports mag covers of yore all over the walls.

? What's not to love about a few plastic flowers and lace doilies? This decor scheme might be a little different than other basement bars, but the centerpiece (a counter with some raised stools) is the same.

? For basement bar seekers with something more on the sedate side in mind, here's a less busy subterranean watering hole. Even though it's missing some of the more showy elements found in other locales, it's spacious and there's ample space for a big, comfy sectional.

? Sometimes you don't need a whole room with a pool table and kitschy pictures all over the walls: this corner bar packs the same punch with a bunch of liquor space, and ambiance defining bobbleheads.

? Who needs sports bars when you can cover your very own basement in Eagles and Flyers memorabilia, put up some Molson Light ads, and furnish with comfy leather bar stools? The walls are even painted Eagles green.

? Here's a bar that's a little more staid than the others, but that's just because you haven't moved in yet. Surely you could locate a few Budweiser posters and Christmas lights and have the place up and running in no time.

? Perhaps it's a little shabby, but this bar comes equipped with a rose mirror and a totally serviceable counter. Plus, it has windows, allowing in just enough natural sunlight to illuminate the room, without spoiling the half-lit vibe.

? Here is the grand dame of basement bar offerings: a whole lounge style layout complete with dark walls, a poker table, and ample space for all your liquor. Need we say more?