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'Mediterranean Villa' in Bella Vista Asks $4.25M

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This place was built seven years ago, but the aesthetic is aiming at some kind of old world charm. Does it hit? Not exactly, but the listing copy makes sure to mention extravagant sounding flooring materials to make up the difference.

This house is floored by "natural tiger wood", "heated breccia damascotta", and "ebony lacquer oak floors". There are also "formal gardens" (what about them makes them so formal?) and a "Man's Room" which is a windowless underground grotto outfitted with a pool table and a TV.

Of course, a house like this needs a wine cellar (it has one,) and a four car garage (it has that too). It also has something called an "Asian Room", whatever that is.

House Vitals:
Size: Three bedrooms, 3 full baths, two half baths, and 6,389 sq ft.
Amenities include: Lots of absurdly named flooring materials, a "man's room", a gym, an oversized tub, a huge walk in closet, formal gardens, an in-ground heated jacuzzi
Asking Price: $4,250,000

· 615 Fitzwater Street [Trulia]