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Mixed Use Building Will Rise Where Shirt Corner Once Stood

The iconic Shirt Corner storefront in Old City at the corner of 3rd and Market will soon be replaced by a mixed use apartment complex which will join several adjoining buildings into one with 59 rental units and two retail spaces.

According to Inga Saffron's article in the Inquirer, the historic reconstruction fit in well with the neighborhood.

"The result should be a handsome, cohesive building. It won't be as pure as the Colonial restorations at nearby Independence National Historic Park, but it may be more honest: All the new portions will be clad in a red brick different from the 19th-century facades, to acknowledge that this is 21st-century construction." Though the historic reconstruction should be a nice addition to the neighborhood, it'll come at the price of changing out the landmark storefront for a CVS. The CVS front facade will be gussied up with a glass display case full of art, but it still will be a much more bland streetcorner.
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