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Will the Collapse Site at 22nd and Market Become a Memorial?

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A committee made up of design experts, civic and business leaders, and family members of collapse victims has formed to advocate for a memorial park at the corner of 22nd Street and Market. Though they're eventually seeking a permanent memorial, their first goal is to create a temporary memorial for the one year anniversary of the collapse, this coming June.

Relatives of two collapse victims say that 22nd and Market is a "sacred site". Nancy Winkler, the mother of one of the collapse victims and co-chair of the committee says that:

"The committee recognizes the potential of this relatively small but important memorial park to help individuals and the community heal in the aftermath of this horrific, entirely avoidable event" A petition in favor of the memorial has 6,000 signatures. Mayor Nutter says he is "fully supportive" of the proposal and has assigned a liaison to the committee.
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