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2013's Most Ridiculous Casino Shenanigans

2013 was full of ridiculous casino antics. Though the initial proposals, complete with dancing developers and hilarious hype videos was absurd enough, the whole process kept getting weirder. The award for most ridiculous casino shenanigans is a tie, though the development team behind them is one and the same.

THE FIRST INCIDENT: PHL Local Gaming allegedly paid 'supporters' to pack casino hearings $50 for every two hours they sat. Of course, charming white "PHL Local Gaming" shirts were also provided, perhaps sweetening the deal.

THE SECOND INCIDENT: PHL Local Gaming proposed the LoSo Entertainment complex, a fantastical theme park adjacent to the (hypothetical) Casino Revolution that would include a dry ski resort, a year-round waterpark, a paintball range, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a zipline park, a rock-climbing park, an ice rink, a roller rink, a racquet sports complex, a go-kart racetrack, and other wonders.

There's no clear winner here, as both incidents are truly ridiculous and equally deserve the award in their own right. An honorable mention goes to Steve Wynn's never-gonna-happen board based waterfront park, which also reached new heights of weirdness. May 2014 bring ever more bizarre proposals from the remaining five casinotestants.
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