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East Passyunk is Philly's 2013 Neighborhood of the Year

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The votes are in, and after a heated race, East Passyunk has once again claimed the title of Curbed Cup Champion. Fishtown, which didn't even advance past the first round in last year's cup, had a strong showing throughout the competition, but couldn't draw enough support to overtake their hipster cousins in South Philly.

Yes, it's a fake trophy. But let it be known that East Passyunk mobilized an avalanche of support via twitter, and managed to capture a little more than 60% of the vote, a whopping 713 votes to Fishtown's 459.

Though Fishtown didn't win this year's cup, it manage to cast some aspersions on East Passyunk's hipster cred. In spite of what the hipster heat map might say, Fishtowners felt that East Passyunk had a more yuppie feel, and that it needed "a bike rack and a clue".
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