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Buy The Skyline for $795K, Parking Included

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The Murano building in Center City has a two bedroom, two bath penthouse style condo up for grabs, and, as the listing photos show, the view is pretty stunning. Though the Murano is perhaps not in one of Philly's coziest or most interesting neighborhoods, it does offer an extensive list of perks, and it's right next door to the Trader Joe's.

Perks like "community rooms" are a dime a dozen, but the Murano also has a heated lap pool, a storage locker, and free (okay, included) parking in the garage next door. The place itself is large for a two bedroom, has floor to ceiling windows, and includes a small balcony.

House Vitals:
Size: Two bedrooms, two full baths, 1,406 sq ft
Amenities include: A fitness center, a community room, a pool, and a sundeck are shared between all residents. Residents also get a free storage locker, free parking, and access to the Philly skyline anytime they look out their window.
Asking price: $795,000
· 2101 Market Street [Trulia]