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Will Chains Overrun Old City?

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Last Friday, a TD Bank opened in Old City, right at the corner of Market and 4th. Though the bank opened up in a bland office building (and not a cutesy storefront), it seems that chains are beginning to develop more of a presence in Old City.

Last week, news that the iconic Shirt Corner storefront would become a CVS was mostly greeted with praise: after all, the new CVS will be accompanied by a historic reconstruction and a glass display case of artwork. The new storefront will, however, certainly be a less visually interesting than what stands now. A 7-11 is also in the works at 2nd and Market.

Old City has, up until now, managed to preserve a varied streetscape dominated by independent shops and restaurants. Though three new corporate stores won't change the entire character of the neighborhood, it does seem that the trend in Old City is toward new chains rather than new boutiques. Even seemingly successful independent retailers like Three Sirens Boutique are closing. Is it possible that last year's dissolution of the Old City Civic Association's development committee is to blame for this trend? Though it's impossible to say what the neighborhood looks like in the alternate universe where the OCCA is still fighting character changing developments tooth and nail, it is worth noting the connection between new chains and the dissolution of the OCCA's development committee.
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